by nev clay

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reissue of long unavailable CD from the early years of the century, this one without that problematic hank williams homage ("Lonesome Longbenton") that the copyright holders Acuff-Rose advised me against releasing.


released September 21, 2011

featuring nev, phil tyler on drums and fiddle, richard dawson on jaw harp, annie smith and jill stewart on bv's. original cd also featured the lovely lap-steel of jon lee and bvs by anth keenan and john anderson of the soul messengers. engineered by tony davis at cluny studios spring 2001.



all rights reserved


nev clay Newcastle, UK

nev lives near newcastle and is a mental health nurse. he's been clarting around the local music scene for 24 years, and once supported keith emerson. secret guitar tuning: CGDGAD


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Track Name: pearshaped
here at the laser clinic, we see a lot of these tattoos: andy cole in black and white before he moved on to Man U. I had a tattoo too, but it went pearshaped like me and you. what a lovely dream - someone staying on your team for more than a season without looking for a transfer deal. i was on a team, but it went pearshaped like me and you. liam and patsy, noel and meg matthews had a lovely dream, and the lovely dream came true. then it assumed a familiar shape, like your diet, like my degree, like this haircut, like me and you.
Track Name: staff room
she's a schoolteacher. she gets great holidays. she's in the trade union and strikes against performance pay. she sells the socialist worker on saturday afternoons. the board of governors hope she puts in for a transfer soon. the headmistress fears her, but fancies her just the same. the kids in the corridors make fun of her irish name. the caretaker dreams about her, and he waves as she parks her car. the dinnerladies say she's alright for a southerner. some of the girls in the 6th form would love to be her friend, some of the boys in the 5th form want to be something else. they see her down at Foundation, drinking grolsch and dancing there, she's 29 but still puts henna on her hair. she lives with a bloke who's in the Animal Liberation Front. he likes to liberate rabbits and sabotage a hunt. officially he's a vegan, but sometimes he eats cheese. he wears Levellers t-shirts, does the washing and cooks the tea. they met at university doing history and politics. he did her a C90 of Nick Cave "kicking against the pricks". they used to live in fenham, but now they live in forest hall. they've got two cats and have no interest in football. there's nothing i can teach her, nothing i can do or say to make her life any better so i keep out of her way. there's nothing i want to take from her except the eczema on her hands. she drinks tea and smokes bensons, and that's all i understand.
Track Name: your dad sells lighters
your dad sells lighters outside the market. he fills them in the evening sitting in the kitchen. your mother does her best, but everything tastes of petrol. maybe that's why you fancy the boy who gives you free ciggies at the allnight garage. your uncle davy asks strangers for money. he says he's lost his busfare, but his pockets are jingling. he smells of sandwich shops and bus-station toilets. maybe that's why you don't like the bloke who drives the mini-bus to the 6th form college you go to. your dodgy half-brother says work is for wankers, but he goes out in a ski-mask at half past two in the morning. now every room in the house is full of DVD players. maybe that's why you want to be a travel rep and spend the rest of your life as far away from them as possible.
Track Name: call centre
there's a building on the green belt like a space-age aerodrome, they've got a headset with your name on it linked to a telephone, and your jobseekers' advisor has arranged an interview, so you can read from a script on the twilight shift: the call centre is calling you...
Track Name: all for the love of a music journalist
she's into MX-80 Sound. takes taxis, loves the Underground. English literature degree, she's addicted to hyperbole. In the sticks for a field report, enthusiasm set at nought,she can't help looking bored, she's sick of powerchords. She's got a sack full of demos she doesn't want to listen to - looks at the crappy covers, skims through a track or two. White lines, no appetite, teen angst is in again tonight. Thesaurus and a dictaphone, all she wants is a wave to call her own.
Track Name: the face you were born with
for the face you were born with, i've been a fool. i was looking for a reason to get up in the morning in the eyes you were given by your mother and father when they were looking for reasons of their own. i was looking for answers to irrelevant questions in the eyes you were given by your mother and father when they were looking for answers of their own. i was looking for something to change the way i've been feeling in the eyes you were given by your mother and father when they were looking for something of their own. i've been a fool.