the clarendon tapes

by nev clay

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just a little collection of songs recorded round Dave Scott's in the last few months. more to follow, god or chance willing. cover photo is of window above entrance to (boarded up) Odeon Cinema on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle. The moving finger writes and having writ moves on


released October 13, 2012



all rights reserved


nev clay Newcastle, UK

nev lives near newcastle and is a mental health nurse. he's been clarting around the local music scene for 24 years, and once supported keith emerson. secret guitar tuning: CGDGAD


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Track Name: cartoon eyes
an ex-classmate of a local newsreader is shopping in the precinct opened by her friend. on the carrier-bags is a happy apple with a pair of cartoon eyes. outside the chippy in the morning, they put out a sandwich board, it's a giant baked potato with a pair of cartoon eyes. i was in the paper shop looking at the christmas cards, when a drawing of a little robin with a pair of cartoon eys made me want to cry.
Track Name: New Scientist (the ballad of bryan cox)
On the cover of New Scientist another tantalising glimpse - they've nearly cracked the big one, yeah it's true. But how can I understand the Universe if I can't understand you? At the centre of a galaxy, two black holes spinning silently with tiaras of sapphire stars: that's not a metaphor for your eyes, it's how incomprehensible you are. Compared to what's going on between your ears, above your tongue, the stars are pretty elementary. To understand what's happening behind your ribs, two inches in, takes more than an Astronomy degree. If one eye was a microscope and the other was a telescope, I couldn't see the ground beneath my feet. But I need a microscope to find a particle of hope, and a telescope to see how far you've moved away from me. And how can I understand the bloody Universe if I can't understand you?
Track Name: dot on the map
I'm just a dot on the map of your heart. a tiny blue reservoir seen from space. just a speck on the windscreen of your world. but in my rear view mirror, all i see is your face. I'm just a dot on the map of your heart, a Little Chef on your life's motorway. Though you're the A-Z for me, one day I know you'll be just a dot on the map of my heart. .....a toilet break on your tour of the UK etc.
Track Name: until i forget
I'll remember this moment until I forget: the wine and the music, the friends that we met. It's destined to vanish, but not quite yet - I'll remember until I forget. I'll remember this evening as long as I do, the bands that we saw and the drink we got through, the sun on the treetops, that smile on you - I'll remember until I forget. Nothing is unforgettable, and though I'll try to recall, I know after all, I'll remember these lyrics...
Track Name: english teeth
she puts her hand over her mouth when she giggles, and she keeps her lips closed when she smiles. you'll never see her laughing on a photograpg - she's got english teeth just like mine. is she smiling or winceing? i don't know. she used to wear a brace, and now she hates her face.