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Green Leaves EP

by nev clay

green leaves 02:34
there's no reason for our arrival here, and no knowing when we'll go. It's only humans who look for answers - sometimes the green leaves fall before the gold. The council planted a hundred saplings here, most of them thriving and growing old, but some were uprooted by stupid children. I'm not showing off, but I used to volunteer at a local hospice: there's nothing to say.
unreachable 02:59
unreachable, perhaps I put you on a pedestal, or is it just that from this trench I'm in you're unreachable. And the gulf between unsailable, you're in view but unavailable. And the walls around unbreachable, each alone though the other's standing near. But even with your arms around me and your tender kiss, I can't feel you and it's me that is unreachable.
guts 03:07
I kept on working, I went to work, and kept on singing (for what it's worth); I saw my friends, didn't try to hide, but my guts are fucked since you died. I kept on eating and drinking too, I slept at night, didn't dream of you, talked to a counsellor and never cried, but my guts are fucked since you died. They know that something's missing, that something's very wrong. Hurt in the morning, and ache all day long. I took the tablets, even tried to write a song, but my guts are fucked now you're gone. I'm glad you're free of suffering now, and life flows on anyhow. Precious memories I'll keep inside.
save a place at the table for me - ordinary sadness. I'll be here when the tinsel comes down and the festive mania passes. All month you've been avoiding me on your quest for amusing commodities, but like a ghost from your long-lost family I've been standing at your shoulder. You don’t have to pathologise me: I’m not a bloody illness. All year long you’ve avoided me on your quest for distracting activities, but like a ghost from your long-lost family I’ve been standing at your shoulder. Your whole life, you’ve avoided me with your inbuilt aversion to misery, but like the ghosts of your long-suffering ancestry I’ve been standing at your shoulder. Save a place at the table for me.


a rather traditional collection of home recordings, made when the opportunity arose (ie when downstairs neighbour with large flat screen TV was out at shops), during the Great Pause.


released July 13, 2020

thanks to Jason Thompson for editing the Youtube videos.


all rights reserved



nev clay Newcastle, UK

Nev lives near Newcastle and until 2018 was a mental health nurse. He's been clarting around the local music scene for 30 years, and once supported Keith Emerson out of ELP. Cover photo - Stan Bonnar concrete hippo, Killingworth, Newcastle, photo by Narbi Price 3 Jan 2023. Secret guitar tuning: CGDGAD ... more

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